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“I have been unable to find a job for one year, what should I do?”

posted on January 15th, 2020

I was asked this question by a mid career professional

There are 3 simple ways I shared which worked for me:

1. Meet startup founders, if your skills are redundant, start from scratch, take a paycut. Most people dont find jobs because they want their last salary. Do your homework before meeting them.

2. Meet hiring managers/recruiters in firms which may have openings for you. Do your homework before meeting them.

3. Meet people working in similar roles as you, they can refer you to openings in their organisation. If they dont have any openings, request them to refer them to their friends working in similar roles.

We get several messages everday

“Please refer me to your network”

In most cases we are not able to help because we dont know who to refer.

The other day I was surprised when I got a message from someone:

“Can you help me connect to Amit from Company A, you are connected to him, he is hiring for a role I am interested in”. I was able to quickly connect him.

Linkedin, job portals, company websites, can easily help you find this information.


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