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“I feel very low, dont feel like doing anything. I dont know why am I living, I dont have any purpose, I am a failure”

posted on November 16th, 2019

As I shared this with my coach many years ago

I never knew I was already neck deep into depression until my coach called it out.

I was living in a dark room, with no windows/doors, I felt trapped there was no way to come out.

It was like being stuck in quicksand.

The harder I tried the more I went deeper into it.

My battle with depression was my toughest challenge. My mind did not want me to come out of it.

I tried to do positive things, but the mind would take me back to a depressed state quickly.

I started to go out of my house, meet people, listen to positive music , read positive books, started to laugh & smile, exercise helped.

I started to change my negative program running in my head.

It took me almost a year to come out of it.

Strangely I went back into depression a few years after again, but it was easier to come out.

As per the WHO, India is one of the most depressed countries in the world today.

As per the last Nasscom survey nearly 42.5% of our working population is battling depression.

Why is this happening?

Is it the expectation burden?

Is it lack of purpose?

Insensitive society?