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“I am underpaid My salary is only 3,000 Dollars per year”

posted on October 1st, 2019

“I am underpaid

My salary is only 10,000 Dollars per year”

“I am underpaid

My salary is only 60,000 Dollars per year”

3 different conversations in the last week.

I am left wondering is there anyone in this world who is not underpaid 🙂

Strangely enough all of them gave me the same reason for leaving their current jobs – they were looking for better career growth. When I probed further the answer I finally got was more money.

Maybe one of the reasons why there are millions unemployed in India, because their focus is only on money not on learning.

Their salaries keep increasing, skills dont.

By the time they realise it is too late.

Salaries unfortunately are not an indicator of skills.

In schools/colleges we focus on grades.

In jobs we focus on money.

In life we focus on being successful.

There is little focus on learning, developing skills or doing things we would love to do.

Hence most folks are unhappy with their jobs & life.

What are you focusing on?


Is this more systemic of India?