We work in the space of individual & organization transformation. Our interventions are around People, Culture, Change Management, Human Resources Consulting & Retainer Advisory in the People space.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little understanding of People, what drives them & bonds them to get teams to work in synergies & become the most efficient version of themselves as a holistic whole team.

We help teams to reach a whole new level of productivity, processes, systems & team spirit. And the results are visible in demonstrated qualitative & quantitative growth of output. While building the intellectual, digital, political or adversity quotient in participants, we enable them to be better utilized employees, invest in their wellness – emotional & spiritual quotient making them happier people. Better happiness means better productivity.

We work on the ‘Inside out’ as we call it – moving towards enabling change from within. We facilitate in 3 clear areas of self, team & business. Our eclectic People Consulting work travels the entire gamut of Human Resources HR & Talent Consulting including HR Advisory, Change, Culture, Talent Transformation, Competency Management, Capability Development, Staff Engagement, Assessments & HR Strategy.

Cultural Transformation & Change Management is an area very close to our heart. Organizations are going through a dynamic shift in changing their processes & the way they think. Global Mergers, Acquisitions & hostile take overs are the order of the day. Inorganic growth is a much required business context for big time scaling up. We work on our Global Frameworks to aid organizations in their Inter Cultural Integration, Organizational Change Integration & People Transformation.

Our strengths lie in working around personal values & connect them with organization values for progression. We live through the FABA Framework of Faith, Attitude, Behavior & Action. At BlewMinds, we work with organizations by deploying the 4R’s Framework: Reframing Intentions, Renewing Values, Realigning Behaviors & Reaffirming Actions.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dynamics

Johnson & Schole’s Culture Web

Areas Of Expertise in Change & Culture Transformation

Pre & Post Merger Culture Integration. Vision, Mission, Values & a new aligned common way of working

Culture Campaigns, Adapting to business context changes, Long Term Change management interventions, Cultural Coaching & Training

Organization Restructuring, Redundancy Management, Integration with alignment of Business Functions, Staff, Resources & Systems to Create new Business Entity


Finding the right fit for a role (leadership position or otherwise) can be tough & we understand this. We aim to find the right connects between Individual talent, aspirations & organizational culture.

Be it Finance, Human Resources, Education, ITES or Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales, Technology or other domains, we work with companies to help them source the best talent available for CXO & Mid-level positions.

We bring a human element to understand & feel the unspoken of our candidates. We use our DOT (Connecting the Dots) framework to bring about that synchronicity between organizations & candidates. With a tough initial screening, fitment check & also Coaching built in, we are a class apart with a high selection & conversion rate.

Candidate excellence & getting the pulse right, matters the most up us – we only bring the best to our client

Across our Search practices, we are deeply engaged in Campus to Corporate Programs, Behavioral Event Interviewing, Grooming & Etiquette for our clients.