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How to make a Career Transition?

posted on November 26th, 2019

There are broadly 4 Types of Career Transitions:

1. Changing your role – either at the same level or going a lever higher (lateral or vertical)

2. Changing your Industry – Moving to a new Industry

3. Changing your location – Moving to a new location, domestic or international moves

4. Becoming an entrepreneur – Mentioning this separately since this is one of the most interesting transitions, it could also be becoming an employee from an entrepreneur

Having done all of these multiple times, failed a few times as well.

Here is what I learnt as the 3 most important things to make a career transition

1. SKILL – Any transition needs the skill required, either you get this through education or through job shadow or through volunteering or taking initiatives or on the job or learning from people around you. Most people get stuck here.

2. WILL – How you respond when you fail is the key. Most folks give up once they fail. It is your resilience that counts.

3. FILL – ability to fill the gaps, being flexible. The speed also matters, some folks are just not able to change fast enough hence they fail


When did you last make a career transition?

Why were you successful?

Why were you not?