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How to find your FLOW or CREATIVE state?

posted on January 19th, 2019

The last 2 yrs I have been experimenting several times during the day/night to find the most creative time to write

Morning, afternoon, evening, night, I have tried them all

After almost 10000 hours of experimenting I found my creative hour

It is between 3am & 4am, the base of Alpha state, the mind is relaxed, just out of theta state of deep relaxation/sleep, the deepest insights & inspiration just FLOW

The mind is totally connected to the universe after deep sleep.

The mind does not operate locally.

All the unneccesary thoughts are gone, it can focus well. Also it has processed all the questions we slept with, the answers are ready for us. It is the most peaceful hour, the world is asleep, the late sleepers & early risers are sleeping

Interestingly no alarms are needed:)

It is for me the FLOW state or Peak performance or Creative state !

It does not matter what is going outside

What is important is what is going inside

When do you FLOW?

How do you get into this state?

How are you experimenting?

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