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How to change your future through “LUCID DREAMING”

posted on February 10th, 2019

Many of us would have watched the movie Inception. When I saw it I decided to try Lucid Dreaming

I remember I used to get bad dreams. I could never understand why. I was going through a rough patch. I read Sigmund Freud to interpret my dreams

It took me months of practice to start dreaming at will. Almost a year to start seeing a bad dream, till I knew I was dreaming. Yes I was aware/awake both in the dream & in reality at the same time

I finally could lucid dream 🙂

I stood at the edge of a cliff & someone was about to push me in my dream. I consciously decided to turn around & see who it was and stop this person, guess what, I saw there was no one there

I realised it was me pushing myself down the cliff. I was self sabotaging. The awareness of which changed my life completely

There are other ways you can lucid dream to change your future as well but it is a bit risky so please exercise caution

Have you tried lucid dreaming?

Do share your experiences!

P.S: It all starts with a dream 🙂

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