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How to begin a STARTUP

posted on July 22nd, 2019

1. Start with an idea, it need not be unique but you can make it unique, start anywhere

2. You need not setup a company, you can start as a consultant. You can always setup a firm later

3. You need a good cofounder. A cofounder with sales background is the best if you havent got sales experience. Keep a cool off period of 3 months to try working

4. Finding your first customer is the most important. We got our first customer after meeting 500 customers. This will also help you evolve the product or service. An unpaid customer is a great place to start. Pick work first worry about delivery later

5. Hire only when your plate is full

6. The startup depends on founders, the faster the founder learns the faster the startup grows. Learn fast & fail fast

7. Keep changing your product/service or business model till it starts to work. Keep pivoting

8. Create a brand for yourself, your startup, your product/service. Marketing is the key

9. It will take 2-3 yrs for a startup to breakeven, most founders dont get paid a salary. Manage cash flows, focus on revenues, keep costs low


P.S: You dont need an investor

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