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“How should I work with a Helicopter Manager?”

posted on January 13th, 2020

As this person asked this question I remembered the time I had a similar manager.

She would give me work & monitor me after every one hour. I was a software engineer.

One day she sneaked behind me & shouted

“Dont check emails do some work instead”

I was just responding to an official email.

Our internet was blocked so in either case we could not do much.

She would give me work at 6 pm when she was leaving for the day

“Make sure you finish this by tomorrow morning before I come to work”

She would give me so much work that I had to work till midnight everyday. If I could not finish the next day I was yelled at.

We were expected to work on all weekends, no leaves were allowed.

I remember one day I went to her at 5.30 pm as she was getting ready to leave.

I requested her if I could leave by 6pm. She said

“Do you want to take half day leave?”

Everyone was treated like resources.

The good part was that I learnt like crazy and learnt fast. Soon I got a very good role with a very good organisation.

Have you experienced a helicopter manager?

What did you do about it?


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