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“How do I plan my CAREER?”

posted on January 5th, 2020

“There are 4 strategies you can use”

This was a conversation I had with someone years ago.

He shared these:

1. GO WITH THE FLOW: Dont plan anything. Have no strategy. Take what comes your way. Most people follow this route

2. MICRO MOVES: Plan only your next career move. Think short term. Once you reach your goal post. Think of the next one. If you cant make the next move, break it down to smaller steps. For example if you want to shift from Software Development to Marketing, it may take 2-3 career moves since a direct move is impossible.

3. LONG TERM: Think long term goals, move towards them. It is like saying I want to become an entrepreneur so I will plan everything according to that. It is more like pursuing a dream.

4. SKILLS APPROACH: Dont think goals think skills. What is the next skill I want to learn. It may look similar to Micro moves however it is learning oriented. Like a life long learner trying to improve & grow. Once you hone a skill move to the next skill.

I followed MICRO MOVES in my corporate career, now as an entreprenuer I follow the SKILLS APPROACH

What do you follow?