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He lost his arm to cancer when he was only 5 years old.

posted on September 24th, 2019

He was too young to react but when he rejoined school he was mocked & humiliated. But Rachit Kulshrestha persisted.

His passion for sports pushed him to train hard & he got selected in the football team at the inter-school level. His first football match, he was a reserve goalkeeper.

When the main goalie got sick, he was called on field. The rival team already began their celebrations when they saw a one handed goalkeeper. During that match, he stopped four goals & his team won.

Thus, began Rachit’s journey towards a life beyond limitations!

After his graduation he worked in the post production team of movies like Avengers & Zero

Life threw another curveball at him when at 27, cancer surfaced again

He was diagnosed with cancer in his right leg & he gained an enormous amount of weight

His response was he started cycling!

The 32-year-old Pune native has completed several bicycle races, including the Manali to Khardung La track which is 550 km

A motivational speaker & inclusion activist Rachit aspires to win a medal for the country in cycling

He shared with me

“One pedal at a time you can change the whole world”

Rachit hasnt stopped cycling

What is stopping you?