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Have you found your MOJO in life?

posted on August 10th, 2019


What we are born for

Finding what gives you true happiness

Something we live for

Something we would like to die for

We all want to find it soon so we can spend more time on it

The secret of finding your MOJO probably lies in


But how do we find out the ONE THING?

Some easy ways to find it

1. Do more what you are good at

2. Do more what you love to do

3. Try creating, become an entrepreneur

4. Pursue your dreams

5. Spend more time with yourself

6. Write down what is going on in your head, what do you really want to do

7. Listen to your HEART & connect to your SOUL

The biggest challenge will be

1. Moving from THINKING to DOING

2. FEAR of losing what you have

3. GREED of getting what you dont have

4. Attracting POSITIVE people & things in your life

5. Living in the PRESENT

6. What will OTHERS think?

Have you found your MOJO?

What are you doing about it?

What is stopping you?

Where are you stuck?

P.S: Do read the book “Mojo” by Marshall Goldsmith