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Have you eaten the FROG today?

posted on August 5th, 2019

Imagine if you had to eat a live & ugly frog each morning. Wouldnt that be the last thing you would want to do?

Now imagine being able to eat this frog. Would you find any other task harder to accomplish after that?

We all are guilty of procrastinating the biggest & hardest of tasks. Brian Tracy refers to them as FROGS in his book “Eat That Frog”

Some of the things I learnt from this book include

1. DO ONE THING: be selective constantly until it becomes a habit

2. Think on Paper: write down & make your tough goals tangible

3. Know the Consequences: prioritise tasks which will have huge impacts

4. Continuous Learning: Discipline, Persistence & Resistance to start with easier tasks

5. Creatively procrastinate: evaluate & delegate/abandon tasks which are not relevant

6. Time management is a means not the end: make the best use of the time you make

Remember you cannot eat every tadpole in the pond, but eating the biggest frog will be enough!

Did you spot your biggest FROG yet?

What FROG did you eat this morning?

What are your learnings?

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Happy Listening!