Under our Flagship Signature Programs, we offer to clients specially curated intellectually stimulating interventions. We touch the most pressing needs of today’s world & provide an invigorating experience of Experiential learning to participants. These interventions really get participants intrigued about processes, enhance productivity, build an innovation mindset & bring forth sustained learning.

We engage our audiences in eclectic Programs including

  • Ardhanareshwar

    Discover the masculine & feminine contained within each of us – Experience the Power
  • Adult-Child Parenting Workshops

    To get in touch with the Child in you & also to grow the Adult in you. With your children or simply to retain the child with in you, interventions.
  • Diversity Beyond Gender

    For Diversity & Inclusion beyond Gender, Unconscious Bias, Disabilities & more
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program (EMP)

    Mentors are required to gain experience which textbooks cannot provide
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  • Experiential Learning

    Mini Olympics, Premier League, Outbound, Mythology based Facilitation
  • Gravitas Leadership

    Executive Presence, Intent & Impact
  • IamWoman

    For Woman Audiences
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  • Networking = Networth

    For improving Networking & effectiveness
  • Personal Branding

    To build powerful Personal Brands
  • Happiness Engagement

    How to manage work & personal life productively to stay motivated, happy & engaged
  • Vimaan

    To assist rural/underprivileged women to spread their wings, fly & upskill themselves
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