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“Do you teach here?” I asked a gentleman at IIITM, Gwalior at the breakfast table.

posted on November 12th, 2019

“Yes I do” he said with a spark in his eyes.

He had a bunch of young students with him.

So I had assumed he was a professor.

After breakfast I excused myself, carried on to the auditorium where I was invited to give a talk.

I saw our professor (same gentleman I had met at the breakfast table) walking in to the auditorium.

The session started with the introduction of the Director for the key note address. I was surprised when they announced Dr Rajendra Sahu‘s name & our professor walked up for the key note address.

I felt a bit embarassed for being so stupid. But at the same time I was awed by his humility. His talk was inspiring

Later when we sat at lunch table, I never noticed any change in his behaviour. He infact ensured I got my lunch before him.

I could not stop myself from asking him

“How are you so humble?”

“My role is to share my knowledge with the next generation, they will know more than me soon, so there is no option but to be humble”

Later I got to know Dr Sahu was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the former Indian president Dr Abdul Kalam in 2015.

What do you understand by humility?