Want to scale up your successful business?

Seek an expert opinion on your start up product before pitching it to VCs?

Want to move your business from red to green?

We, at BlewMinds help people with end to end business growth Strategy, Advisory & Solutioning on how can they start & expand their business, while avoiding potentially fatal mistakes. We also provide simple, practical & commercially viable business solutions to larger organizations on options & practices that could make their output more profitable. Business Consulting for us, is all about getting organizations from x to 100x or more. It is about getting them to scale, transform & grow through their Human Capital renewal. We provide management & simplistic business consulting to help organizations improve performance, efficacy, efficiency & analyze businesses to create sustainable solutions; all this with a firm eye on being human, practical, authentic & real. We help clients meet their Big Hairy Audacious Goals by providing a new perspective as effective Change catalysts for their companies. We offer expertise in a specific market, understand & identify problems, support existing mechanisms & staff, get the ball rolling on an executive decision, manage redundancies, revive an organization, put together an executable plan for a new business, aid in a powerful business plan for growth, help bring about a new forward looking Culture, mission or merely get operations in place.