Ayushi Bhushan

Ayushi Bhushan


Gurgaon, India

Ayushi Bhushan can be described as a self-explorer on a constant quest to bring more value to her life & to others. She strongly believes that human beings are one of the most useful elements in bringing a positive change to our world; this firm belief has helped her choose Human Resources as a profession.

She enjoys her work as it gives her constant learning & she totally believes this learning is aided by the truth that every individual is different.

She likes to think she is an introvert, more of a listener than a talker, however she loves to talk solutions & argue over life’s different perspectives. She is a dreamer with the firm belief that one needs to work hard for one’s dreams.

She loves reading & travelling. She is open to life, its lessons & welcomes new ideas towards growth. She keeps nature close to her heart & is always contributing positively towards it. She is also a pet lover forever.

She is known for her kind, positive attitude, empathy, quiet observation skills & understanding bent of mind.