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Apollo Tyres Leadership team has announced a 25% pay cut in view of the impact of Corona Virus on their business. An excellent display of leadership for others to follow.

posted on March 20th, 2020

Mumbai Metropolitan region shutdown has been ordered to stem the spread of Corona Virus. The stock market strangely rose today probably in response to global cues or the continuous fall it has seen in the last week.

The Corona Virus affected list in India is reaching 200, community transmission seems to be have still not started thankfully.

I see still several companies are working normally with employees coming to work.

Several dichotomies existing but there are some folks who are working overtime.

Doctors, nurses, support staff, cleaners, policeman, drivers, shopkeepers, domestic helps, daily wage labourers, the list is endless.

Maybe time for us to thank them from the bottom of our heart.

Our domestic help shared how all domestic helps have been asked to wear a mask, but they are out of stock.

My humble request to all, pls dont hoard or indulge in panic buying of masks or sanitisers.

Imagine a corona virus patient not able to use a sanitiser or mask because it is out of stock.

Who will it impact more the patient or people who are healthy?