Anu Aggarwal


Ardhanareshwar Mumbai, India

Anu Aggarwal is a former Supermodel & a renowned Film Actor. She is a very intelligent Gold Medalist in Sociology from Delhi University. After a successful stint in Modelling, Video Jockeying & some acting assignments, she made her Bollywood debut with the musical blockbuster Aashiqui.

She is not just her ‘external’ success; Anu is much more & beyond visible materialism. She is in the Esoteric Quest for invisible intangible enrichment. Following an unfortunate & near-fatal accident that left her in coma for 29 days, subsequent three years of determination & therapy allowed her to get back on her feet. This phase of overcoming Adversity was like a blessed Rebirth of sorts for Anu. She has since then, moved into a deeply immersive experience of discovering & discovering herself. She deploys herself & these powerful experiences to aid individuals & organizations move towards Inner Strength & Overcoming odds. Anu now teaches AnuFun Yoga to Mumbai’s slum kids, a healing module she developed after years of experimenting with Craniosacral therapy, Vipassana & Tantra across Ashrams in Kutch & Uttarakhand. She is also an amateur power-lifter & after her accident has competed in many power-lifting competitions. Anu & BlewMinds collaborate beautifully on some deeply fulfilling arenas of Self Empowerment, Power of Self Love, Iconoclastic Leadership Products like Ardhanareshwar / Women Leadership / Gender Diversity, Breaking Stereotypes, Unconscious Conscious frameworks, Spiritual Programming & Living one’s Life fully.

You cannot miss Anu’s infectious laughter, spiritual depth, life’s wisdom, careless abandon in living life meaningfully & unguarded optimism. She is a delight indeed!