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ACS Gauri Mahadik’s life came crashing down when she heard that her husband Major Prasad Mahadik had lost his life in an accident on the India China border in Dec 2017.

posted on March 12th, 2019

She was a qualified lawyer & company secretary and was doing well in her corporate career. But after hearing this tragic news she decided to start preparing for the Indian Army to wear the same uniform her husband wore.

She was unsuccessful in her first attempt to clear the SSB exam. It was tough for her because she was 31 years of age competing with those much younger that her. She prepared hard for the next year. Her family kept supporting her to follow her heart.

It is heart warming & inspiring to hear that Gauri topped the SSB exams and is joining the Officers Training Academy.

She has quit her plum job to serve the country.

Her inspiring story shows that age is just a number & it is never too late to follow your heart.

A salute to Gauri & Major Prasad & their spirit to make a difference.

ACS Gauri Mahadik your story is so inspiring, best wishes to you, look forward to seeing you in the uniform soon 🙂