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5 reasons why having goals may prevent us from achieving great things!

posted on September 16th, 2018

In the mid part of my career I was running after goals set for myself, I achieved them but after achieving them I realised several important things

1. Goals are all about the future & life is all about the present, goals restrict us from living life fully in the present, it is as bad as living in the past or being a ghost

2. Most of the time our goals may not be the right goals for us, we dont know what we dont know, so we may be running after the wrong goals

3. We change goals many times, it is like changing goal posts, they will distract us

4. After we achieve goals, life will feel meaningless also called mid life crisis, I went through this, this happens more when goals are materialistic

5. Magic in our life has to be discovered it cant be planned, a river never plans where it has to go it only flows, to reach the flow state we need to stop planning

Does your happiness die away slowly after goal achievement?

Are you in the flow state & you discover amazing things every second?

Are you running after a goal only because it seems impossible now?

Pls share your thoughts/feelings around this!