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The 5 kinds of tough managers I had

posted on May 26th, 2018

1. Control freak: wanted to control everything, felt insecure mostly, wanted to take all decisions, was frustrated/angry most of the time, would threaten firing people

2. Hard task master: was never happy, always kept pushing back, made life difficult for everyone, eternal pessimist, never appreciated

3. Micro manager : would want to get into every small thing & do everything, nothing was left for his team to do

4. Pip squeak: never stoodup for the team, wont take decisions, all talk & no action, would run away from conflicts

5. Political manager: would always take the credit for everything, would create politics even within the team, would do anything to move up

I struggled with all these managers

I used to wonder why me?

I got the answer after years

These were parts of me that I was also struggling with, hence I was given an opportunity to overcome my challenges.

After I overcame these challenges, all these managers stopped bothering me 🙂

Which type of manager is challenging you?

Which part of you does this represent?

What are you doing to change it?

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