She calls herself a half-eaten Cookie & an Amoeba. She is a half-eaten cookie as she believes she is a Work-In-Progress, just about explored less than half her potential, is a hungry learner & still has a long way to go. An Amoeba cause her best skill is her LQ (Learning Quotient); she is agile, sharp, ‘gets’ people, she can adapt to contexts, cultures, organizations & people very swiftly. She moves like an Amoeba – effortlessly & yet retains her very level headed humble self. She is Spiritual Guru Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi’s descendant. She believes she is blessed by him – hence drawn to universe’s messages & finds aiding transformation very fulfilling. She is a Transformation Coach, an Organization Development Strategist, a Culture Change Specialist, a Human Resources Board level Advisor, an Aficionado of Human Behavior & a crazy mommy to her 8 year old hyper little geek. She has close to 15 years’ experience in various facets of Human Resources in industries including Advertising, Banking, Consulting, Insurance, Software & Professionally managed large Family Business. She has held coveted Head of HR roles across APAC & India Subcontinent in global organizations like PricewaterHouse Coopers & Pearson amongst other very interesting assignments in her HR Leadership career. Her expertise lies in Coaching, Staffing (including Leadership/CXO levels), Rewards Management, Learning, Organization Development, Cultural Change, Leadership Interventions & Talent Management. She is an ACTP ICF certified Life Coach & loves helping people achieve their dreams.

Priya is an ISABS certified Behavioural Coach & Therapist. An Oxford Scholar & Ambassador with an ‘Executive Masters in Organizational Leadership & Culture’ from University of Oxford, Priya is also a Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K). She is a stand up Leadership facilitator, APP accredited on various scientifically validated psychometric tools & exposed to unconventional high end forms of Learning frameworks including Drama, Theatre, Music, Action Learning, Experiential & Catharsis based De-briefs.

Her strengths lie in working with Leadership by Coaching & supporting them for organizational excellence. She follows the Oxford Coaching model of Inner Transformation. She has extensively coached Leadership & Mid Managers who are Hipos to help them catapult into the next stage of self efficacy. Priya opines that People Transformation is more than just a mere day’s job; she is on a mission to help people look ‘within’ & get in touch with their ‘inner voice’. She has a keen interest in Personal Branding & is an architect of Change. She believes that ‘Executive Presence’ is critical for both personal & professional success – she trains & writes extensively in this area. She helps in making people beautiful inside-out using her 6Cs Psychology sciences framework that builds ‘Gravitas’: Composure, Character, Confidence, Charisma, Connection & Credibility. She deploys Executive Presence Frameworks of Kinesics, Oculesics, Proxemics, Haptics & Vocalics extensively. Her Coachees who are in the age range of 25-60, view her role as a Change agent who is leading the way to support an inclusive & culturally sensitive workplace. She predominantly works with the five essential conditions for learning – insight, motivating, capabilities, real world practice, accountability & how cultural differences can influence Coaching effectiveness. She works on the Ontological levels of ‘Being & Becoming’.

She is a mental & physical fitness freak, loves reading & can sing a mellifluous tune or two!