StoryTelling, Branding & MarComm


Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture on our minds. Consequently, stories often pack more punch than sermons. Want to make a point or raise an issue? Tell a story – Janet Litherland

Simply put, Storytelling is the art of communication using experiences & narratives. It requires creativity, connecting the dots, imagination, self-disclosure & the ability to bare one’s heart completely without any fears of vulnerability.

  • Stories are a powerful medium of experiential learning since they emulate particular responses from the brain & ‘light up’ more of the brain than factual reporting & logic.
  • Stories command attention from an otherwise wandering mind & hence have improved retention of what is being told.
  • Stories can change the brain’s chemistry – allow the listener to learn vicariously & discover lessons seemingly on their own.
  • Stories feed the human mind & heart which crave emotional connection. We simply are not moved to action by data dumps, dense PowerPoint slides or spreadsheets packed with figures. When we see or hear factual arguments, we become critical & skeptical. But when we are absorbed in a good story, we drop our guards!

At BlewMinds we work on the ‘Inside’ to make stories powerful on the ‘Outside’. We concentrate on the individual side of Personal Brand, the business side of Organization Brand & the market side of Social Media brand. We help clients create their stories through Lagos (Logic), Pathos (Emotions) & Ethos (Culture & Values). We help you better yourself on influencing, winning relationships & effective stakeholder management through long term Global StoryCoaching frameworks.

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Personal Branding

  • Building your very own powerful personal brand – EEE Model of Entice, Engage, Educate.
  • Executive Impact – The Intent Vs Impact juggle.
  • Executive Presence – Speak up, Act, Be Noticed.
  • Personal Transformation – Become a new fearless, self sufficient & agile you.
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Organizational Branding

  • Telling your Organization’s story powerfully – Building your organization Culture.
  • Powerful Presentations – Building your organization Communication Strategy.
  • Building & nurturing your Organization Brand Stories – Customer Value generation & growth.
  • Marketing & Communications.
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Social Media Branding

  • Building your Social Media presence.
  • Utilizing the CSS model of Character, Substance & Style to make your mark.
  • Increasing your Social Media outreach, becoming an influencer, building your Social Media visibility &marketing yourself better.
  • Helping you Speak without actually speaking.

Branding & Marketing Communications


We, at BlewMinds believe in harnessing the power of the Digital Age to build a strong brand identity by reaching out to the right audience with the right information at the right time. We support Organizations to build credible brand presence & bring in brand success by driving intelligent marketing communications across their digital customer touch points & social media channels. Our goal is to partner with Organizations/Institutions in their Marketing & Branding Strategy by building a distinguished presence & competitive advantage for their Brand which reaches & resonates with the intended audiences across the seven seas. Brand StoryTelling, Brand Renewal, Marketing Strategy & Marketing Communications is our passion.

BlewMinds also works in the deep space of Primary & Secondary Market Research. It deploys both qualitative & quantitative frameworks to provide deep insights on products & services across clients. We use intelligent techniques including Mystery Shopping, Focus Group Discussions, Behavioural Interviews, Critical Incidents, Crucial Conversations, Psychometrics, Confidential Stakeholder Interviews, Exit Interviews & Analytics to identify problem statements & also drive productive results for our clients.