Gurgaon, India

Master Rishabh Iyer Kochhar is our Chief Creative Officer. The 4th Grader Master Kochhar is a kind, sassy, warm, high-energy soccer freak who loves Pogba, Ronaldo & Messi. He is the creative brain behind the BlewMinds website design, iconoclastic products like Arty Leadership & Baby Groot Leadership. Rishabh is quite a man in his own right, a mighty philosopher, loves to stay lean & fit, a confidante to his mom & discusses ‘you-tubing’ with his Techie dad.

He loves himself immensely; BlewMinds as an organization deploys this impactful technique of ‘Self Love’ in all our Leadership & People Consulting – Inner Mastery interventions.

He is into design, aesthetics, outdoors, thinks all around the box & is very fond of looking into the mirror! Rishabh is a Minecraft fan & loves creating interesting bits of life. He brings a very different perspective towards life around absolute ground realities & simplifies complicated nuances with his ‘Whys & Why nots’. He enjoys long drives, travelling around the world & helping people.

He represents his School in Hip Hop & Soccer – both of which define him at a cerebral level & keep him going. Rishabh is a self management freak & works around ‘self control’ which he seems to have mastered easily. He abhors sleeping & eating; he is blessed with bountiful energy & refers to himself being in a state of ‘battery charged or low’ at any given point of time. He is already at a ‘I refer to myself as a 3rd person’ mental stage of life; he brings a lot of value to our Team with this intense & immersive spin to spotting the obvious. He is the quintessential ‘Idea’ boy!

We cannot do without his wisecracks & life’s musings!