Preeti Ravi


Gurgaon, India

Preeti Ravi is a ‘task master’. Execution & ideating is right up her alley. She has worked for companies like AON Hewitt, Milliman after studying Mathematics & Actuarial Science from Miranda House, then later at the Australian National University.

She decided to unlearn & relearn, hence after working for close to 4.5 years she moved towards doing an MBA in Marketing from the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), she graduated at the top of her class. Preeti believes in being consistent in her actions & values integrity in her interaction with the people she meets. Along with having an analytical bent of mind, she soothes her creative side with her public speaking, Bharatnatyam dance & carnatic music love. You cannot miss Preeti’s sharp keen mind, energy & optimism. She is organized, results focused & very structured in her head/heart.