Aishwarya Sathyanarayanan


Chennai, India

Aishwarya is a therapist specializing in Neuropsychology with an MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology from University of Essex. She has worked with a spectrum of people, from addicts in rehabilitation (Aarit Recovery Centre, India) to children in juvenile jail (Chennai, India) to caregivers responsible for their ailing kin (Active Assistance, UK).

She has also been a Research Scientist in YourDOST where she was trying to understand how patients behave with Counselors online.

Working with groups of people as well as individuals has helped her empathize the diversity we live in, while each of us is unified in the idea of self-actualization. You cannot miss her voice (she’s a ‘Musical Celebrity’ in more ways than one), her non judgmental self, her authenticity & her ability to evolve every single day.