BlewMinds is a new age, radical & transformation-thinking eclectic boutique StoryTelling Consulting organization. We are born out of a compelling revolutionary need to enable organizations & individuals towards sustainable progress. We work on blowing minds out through inner work, self-reflection, opening oneself to incredible arenas of change adaptability & inner mastery.

Our boutique Consulting organization is committed to enabling businesses & individuals to harness the power within & dance the delicate balance of retaining one’s own authenticity for better impact whilst managing others perceptions by making oneself more aware of deepest strengths & unconquered fears.

We work in the meaningful spaces of Employer Brand of Choice, Marketing Communications & Organization Branding, Primary & Secondary Market Research, Leadership Coaching, HR Consulting, Business Coaching, Learning, Capability Development, Technology Consulting, Executive Presence, StoryTelling & Personal Branding. We offer end to end services on making people & organizations more productive. Our Vision is to touch & transform 5B lives by Year 2030.



We bring together our eclectic experience & subject matter expertise to provide simple, practical & commercially viable solutions…

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We work in the space of individual & organization transformation. Our interventions are around People, Culture, Change…

We believe that every individual has the capability within to become a Leader irrespective of Career stage, Life Stage, …

Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand….


A Technology Organization

Thanks to Team BlewMinds for their heart touching hospitality during their India launch of the John Mattone Coaching CXO Networking event. We were overwhelmed to be a part of the session & look forward to having more of such Leadership Networking Events by BlewMinds – CoFounder at a Technology organization.

Leader, Marketing & Client Engagement, Big4 Consulting

Vishwapriya is a thorough professional & a beautiful person !!!! They do some very high impact work. As complete as they come!!!


Cannot thank Mr. Sandeep Kochhar enough. I have not met him yet, but am loving this unknown beautiful bond full of learning. He is surely inspiring many. Celebrate Life! Celebrate Learning! – Administrator at a renowned Educational Institution

A Student

It was so good to see Sandeep Kochhar in Chandigarh University, India. I always wanted to listen to him. I wish I could have the mentor like him. His aura & energy is amazing. I never noticed life the way you dissected it for us. I wish I get more opportunities to listen to you. Student.


Sandeep has outstanding story telling abilities. Impossible to miss his updates ever since I have started following him. Thanks for the motivation he provided during the workshop. Sometime little nudges are necessary in life to change the course – Senior Client Manager, Dassault Systems


Be it an article, a story or a video ; it is a great way to learn & stay motivated. I am going through a tough time in my life, but still I am learning & am able to stay positive because of Sandeep’s magical stories – Training Consultant & Specialist


It was amazing meeting you at Hindu College & learn from you specifically! The whole speech was so simple yet so impactful. Be it eye contact while conversing or power of storytelling or learning how to build relationships. Thank you for your time & the wonderful talk. I will look forward to catching up with you & Sandeep.


Sandeep Kochhar personifies that Honesty sells on its own & does not require any props or promotions! Moreover, his stories always humble the readers & make them realise that human life is beyond ephemeral concepts like success &d failure – Consultant at a leading Health Firm

Alcoholic Leadership

😎 What an amazingly insightful & unique idea of sharing thoughts on Leadership & Organisations by BLEWMINDS during their flagship Alcoholic Leadership product launch. So many takeaways from the event which was different & yet effective – General Manager at a Real Estate organization.

LinkedIn Local Gurgaon: (Deputy Director at Indian Air Force)

What can we say what has not already been said about Sandeep Kochhar. He is the epitome of personal branding on LinkedIn. He advised people to find that single thing which they are good at, as surely, we all are good at something. That is what he expressed & taught us. Even If he is given a needle & a straw, he will be able to sew a story around them. Many thanks to him for being there.

John Mattone MasterClass

The John Mattone MasterClass event was an amazing experience, full of energy & positive vibes. At the Masterclass CXO Networking Dinner, I got the opportunity to interact with John Mattone, Sandeep Kochhar & Vishwapriya ; I shared my experiences with them & went back extremely inspired – CEO at a Pharma organization.


It was an absolute pleasure having you both at our Annual Offsite. Team found the session very useful, engaging & different from usual sessions. As a Firm we invest a lot in networking events, I am sure everyone will benefit as they get some insights from you on making most out of our networking events. While there were a lot of pearls of wisdom shared by you, for me personally, the key takeaway is to keep investing in building networks for long term, focusing on giving first as one builds network, also trying to match ‘what I am good at’ & ‘what I love to do’ – Leader at BCG.

Manager Sales & Marketing, Global Family Business

Vishwapriya is a person whom you can idolize. She is passionate about her work and is an expert in the field she is in. It is a delight to watch her on the job. She super confident and a thorough professional. She is an extremely well-read person. She is a great motivator and I have been greatly motivated by her. I sincerely wish Vishwapriya all the very best.

Team Leader – Axis Remote Banking NRI at Axis Bank

I attended Sandeep’s StoryTelling workshop. It’s funny how we never have an idea as to how beautiful we are, it’s only when we stop for a moment, think about all what we have been through & what we have done, we understand that we ourselves are a great story. Met some really nice like minded people, also got an Oscar (appreciation) for my own little story called ‘my first free dairymilk’. Idea is to learn & unlearn.

LinkedIn Local Gurgaon: (Deputy Director at Indian Air Force)

Vishwapriya Kochhar’s presence in the hall was emanating so much positivity around, we could not stop adoring her for what she spoke about Leadership, the P.L.A.Y way. A heartfelt thanks to her for gracing the occasion & for her congeniality – Deputy Director at Indian Air Force.

CEO, large Building Elements organization

Vishwapriya has valuable insight in organization development and it’s dynamics. Her superior people skills are coupled with a focused , multi faceted approach towards organizational growth . Simply put ,she is Humane, Intelligent and Genuine. Wish her the very best !


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BlewMinds is born out of a compelling revolutionary need to enable organizations & individuals towards sustainable growth & progress.